Songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings are delivered with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove. Annie and Rod are on a musical journey that began in 1982, culminating into a symbiotic sound that reflects their deep and intuitive understanding of each other. Annie’s disarming, earthy voice and solid command of her guitar are punctuated by Rod’s effortless, accompaniment and beautiful solo work. Together they weave unforgettable melodies that are at once intricate and sparse - musically completing each others’ sentences.

Over the years, Annie and Rod have done it all; from rock to musical theater and while they continue to draw from a wide range of genres and influences, what comes out is a hybrid sound all their own. Genuine and playful; effortless and endearing; this duo has been enchanting audiences in quality music venues, house concerts, coffeehouses and festivals throughout their home state of Michigan and beyond.

"The audience is drawn in right from the beginning with Annie's amazing voice and the power of her songs. She has a way of making everyone in the venue feel like she is his or her personal friend." – Dave Rutkofske, Blue Water Folk Society (Thumbfest)

"When I look around the room at an Annie and Rod Capps performance, I see a lot of smiling faces with eyes riveted to the stage...there is a magic that energizes an audience. I can't wait to bring them back to our concert series!" - Tim Piazza, Concerts at the Cabin, Evansville, Indiana.


Just released in August 2009, Annie and Rod Capps' sixth CD, “My Blue Garden”, finds them at their absolute best. The album became a quick favorite of many folk DJs placing it at #2 on the charts with both the #1 and #3 songs for the month. It remains in regular rotation earning them yet another top 40 album this time in 2009. Seeded with fresh, beautifully crafted songwriting, "My Blue Garden" is a collage of soulful sketches rooted in small town USA, where familiar and accessible characters might be your next door neighbor, a member of the family or a close friend. Co-produced by Glenn Brown (Jeff Daniels, Rachael Davis, Steppin in it) this album features an essential cast of some of Michigan’s finest musicians most prominently, Jason Dennie, a regular addition to their live shows, on virtuoso mandolin and sweet harmony vocals. Drew Howard soars on pedal steel and dobro, and the angelic voices of Rachael Davis and Jan Krist are high points.

“With “My Blue Garden”, Annie and Rod Capps have proven themselves to be master gardeners in the area of contemporary folk.  All of the songs on the album are stand-outs!” - Lilli Kuzma, Folk Festival on WDCB Public Radio, Glen Ellyn, IL

"Great songs, well sung with hot licks -- can't beat that combination!" - Joel Mabus, Singer/Songwriter

2007's "In This Town" is Annie and Rod Capps' fifth release and showcases Annie's most compelling songwriting to date. Folk DJs across the country and abroad added In this to their playlists placing it in the top 40 on the Folk Radio charts for 2007, with the title track reaching #3 (Aug '07).  It's a cohesive collection of vignettes told from the perspective of both observer and actor before backdrops ranging from a friendly town café to an empty house; a dark bar to a front porch; a jail cell to the wide open road.  The result is a mélange of simple, evocative stories about familiar human emotions delivered with the appealing mixture of tenderness and sass that is signature Annie.

"Annie and Rod Capps write complex, winding melodies that fit Annie's delicate voice perfectly.  She sings with a relaxed, clean Midwestern twang, sliding you into the middle of lives and situations that are always interesting and dotted with real insight." – Dave Siglin, The Ark

"Capps has a way of starting a song with an image that's simple, yet arresting enough to propel you through the ensuing developments, which often covers quite a bit of territory."  -Jim Manheim, Ann Arbor Observer

Plays Well With Others --- Annie and Rod have warmed up audiences for Lucy Kaplansky, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry, The Kennedys, David Bromberg, Joe Jencks, Mustard's Retreat and many others.

Annie is a member of the Yellow Room Gang, a group of renowned singer/songwriters ( who meet monthly to share food and new works in progress and perform together in various incarnations and venues. She is the co-founder of Songwriter's Anonymous, a networking collective of 40+ members of the local music community. 

When they aren't busy making their own music, Annie and Rod are often called upon to play supporting roles for other artists. Both are featured on recordings by Allison Downey, The Milroys, Whit Hill, John Latini, Judy Insley, Dan Hazlett and several others.

Festival performance credits include the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, Wheatland Music Festival, Noreast'r Festival, Thumbfest, Arts, Beats and Eats, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Riverfolk Festival and more.

They've appeared at:
The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI)
Trinity House Theater (Livonia, MI)
Mama's Coffee House (Birmingham, MI)
Off-the-Wall Coffee House (Walled Lake, MI)
Two Way Street Coffee House (Downer's Grove, IL)
Cousin Andy's Coffee House (Carbondale, IL)
Godfrey Daniels (Bethlehem, PA)
Bound for Glory (Ithaca, NY)
Concerts at the Cabin (Evansville, IN)
Carrick's House Concerts (Clarkston, MI)
Music Under the Pines (Hazlett, MI)
PALamazoo Barn Concerts (Kalamazoo, MI)
Northwind House Concerts (Kalamazoo, MI)
KPIG "Please Stand By" Show (Watsonville, CA)
Charlotte's Web Concerts (Rockford, IL)
Caledon House Concerts (Caledon, Ontario, Canada)
and many excellent acoustic music venues in California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and far.

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